This is a must-attend event that will focus on all the key issues facing the transportation sector in its different elements, including sea, land and air modes. The conference will assemble a uniquely qualified and experienced panel of expert speakers from across the world, all leaders and innovative thinkers in their fields.The benefits of registering to take part will be immense and long lasting. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the global effort to combat climate change through sustainable transportation. Register now for the Transportation and Climate Change Conference and join us on this exciting journey towards a greener and more sustainable future!

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Profile of Attendees

The Maritime Standard Transportation and Climate Change conference is an exclusive gathering of C-suite level executives from all transportation modes, including sea, land, and air. The conference also attracts high-ranking government officials and UN/IMO representatives, providing a unique platform for collaboration and the exchange of ideas between the public and private sectors. In addition, the conference welcomes leading academics, scientists, legal experts, ESG Sustainable Development specialists, climate financing strategists, climate risk insurance specialists, industry professionals, and innovators who are actively involved in researching and developing sustainable transportation solutions. The conference offers a perfect opportunity for attendees to network, share knowledge, and stay up to date with the latest industry trends.

Why sponsor?

The Maritime Standard Transportation and Climate Change Conference offers targeted sponsorship packages for companies looking to take advantage of the commercial opportunities presented by the event. In particular, they will gain privileged access to high level decision makers in this sector and will get a unique opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to help promote the climate change agenda within transportation. Sponsorship offers numerous benefits. These include:

Giving your organisation a platform on which to raise its profile and enhance corporate image.

The chance to showcase your products and services to a targeted, high quality audience, maximising exposure and potential sales.

Demonstration of a high level of commitment to climate change.

The chance to gain access to key industry decision makers and opinion formers and network with potential partners and customers.

A limited number of sponsorship packages are on offer. Click here to view available packages.

To discuss available packages, and how you can benefit by sponsoring the Conference please contact:

A limited number of sponsorship packages are on offer. Click here to view available packages.

To discuss available packages, and how you can benefit by sponsoring the Conference please contact:


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    Join US

    Gain valuable insights

    With expert speakers from various industries and backgrounds, you'll gain valuable insights and knowledge about the latest trends, technologies, and strategies for sustainable transportation.

    Networking opportunities

    Meet and connect with other professionals, thought leaders, and decision-makers from across the transportation industry, government agencies, NGOs, and academia.

    Explore innovative solutions

    Discover innovative and sustainable transportation solutions that can help reduce emissions and mitigate the impact of climate change.

    Stay up-to-date

    Stay informed about the latest regulations, policies, and initiatives related to sustainable transportation and climate change.

    Make a difference

    By attending the conference, you'll be contributing to a global effort to tackle one of the biggest challenges of our time: climate change.

    Enhance your professional development

    The TMS TACCC offers a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts and stay at the forefront of sustainable transportation practices. Acquire new skills, insights, and perspectives that can elevate your career and make you a valuable asset in driving positive change within your organization and the industry as a whole.


    Kirsten Staab

    Director , Hamburg Representative
    Office Dubai

    Mohammad Jaber

    DSV – Global Transport and Logistics

    Farooq Zuberi

    APM Terminals Bahrain B.S.C



    Shipping and maritime companies:
    • International shipping lines
    • Port operators and terminals
    • Marine shipping service providers
    • Maritime technology and equipment manufacturers
    • Sustainable shipping initiatives and associations
    Road transportation companies:
    • Trucking and logistics companies
    • Electric and alternative fuel vehicle manufacturers
    • Fleet management and telematics providers
    • Road infrastructure developers and operators
    • Sustainable urban transportation initiatives
    Railway companies:
    • Railway operators and infrastructure developers
    • Rail freight and logistics companies
    • Railway technology and equipment manufacturers
    • High-speed rail initiatives and associations
    • Rail electrification and sustainable rail transport projects
     Aviation companies:
    • Airlines and air carriers
    • Airports and airport authorities
    • Aircraft manufacturers and aerospace companies
    • Aviation fuel and alternative energy suppliers
    • Sustainable aviation initiatives and organizations
    Energy and fuel companies:
    • Renewable energy developers and providers
    • Electric vehicle charging infrastructure companies
    • Biofuel and sustainable fuel manufacturers
    • Energy storage and management solutions
    • Clean energy and sustainability consulting firms
    Technology and innovation companies:
    • Sustainable transportation software and data analytics providers
    • Electric vehicle charging station manufacturers
    • Smart mobility and transportation tech startups
    • Autonomous vehicle technology developers
    • Environmental sensor and monitoring technology companies
    Financial and investment institutions:
    • Green and sustainable investment funds
    • Climate-focused venture capital firms
    • Banks and financial institutions supporting sustainable transportation projects
    • Carbon credit and offset providers
    • Infrastructure project financing organizations
     Regulatory and policy organizations:
    • Government transportation departments and agencies
    • Environmental and climate change regulatory bodies
    • International organizations focusing on transportation and climate action
    • Urban planning and sustainable mobility departments
    • Research and policy institutes specializing in transportation and climate change
    Research and academic institutions:
    • Universities and research centers studying transportation and climate change
    • Sustainability and environmental research institutes
    • Transportation engineering and planning departments
    • Climate modeling and impact assessment organizations
    • Academic associations and networks focused on sustainable transportation
     Non-profit and advocacy organizations:
    • Environmental NGOs working on transportation and climate issues
    • Sustainable transportation advocacy groups
    • Climate action and carbon reduction initiatives
    • Public transportation and cycling/pedestrian advocacy organizations
    • Industry associations promoting sustainable transportation practices

    Don’t miss out on this critical event. Register today and join us in shaping the future of sustainable transportation!